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We welcome you to the world of tailored clothing, which is designed to artfully conceal your defects and shortcomings and emphasize your assets. Sunshine Tailor is identified with superior fabrics, meticulous hand tailoring for men, women and children with quality that is becoming harder and harder to find. We work closely with our clients guiding them through their choices of fabric and style. We invite you to discover our affordable elegant designs & quality workmanship.


Happy Customers

Our Customers have rhapsodized our experience. They are the bearers of indefinable style and enigma which boosts their confidence and ours as well. We admire every single customer of ours who augment all these attributes by donning our attires. Or list of clients include professionals from varied industries, lawyers, media moguls, industrialists. We have been furnishing orders from our clients sitting in all across the globe be it USA, UK, Canada ,Europe ,Middle East ,Australia , New Zealand, Germany, Russia and list goes on and on. God has bestowed us opportunities to dress many diplomats from embassies and high commissions situated in India.


Bespoke Tailoring

We are a Full Service Custom Tailor providing you with a complete wardrobe planning and service according to your business and social needs. We tailor Corporate Suits, Trousers, Salwar Kurta, Blouse/ Indian Top, and many more for men and women attire. The end result is one of unique quality and craftsmanship and a fit that is accurate to the millimeter. For us there is a big difference between "good" and "perfect".

The Best Way to Dress yourself – Attractive Personalities

Discover elegant solution for your Dress fast, reliable, affordable.

Fresh & Clean Design with 3 F's

At the penultimate stage, when the suit is shaping up we organize a trial fro you at the store. After the trial the adjustments suggested by the clients are made. And finally the article is delivered which meets our and your expectations in terms of finesse, fit and feel (3F's). Only the lapel alone is crafted with more than 900-1000 stitches and that too in a space less than a decade of a square inch. The matching of collar with precise lining and the weave is comparable to a skill of a watch-maker. We offer our clients with a breadth of fabrics: cottons, wool, linens, terrycot, synthetics, polyesters, super 100's, 120’s, 180's etc. European suitings are also available on request. The amount of labor and hardship invested in any of our suit is comparable to crafting an ornament. AND WE CONSIDER SUIT AS AN ORNAMENT FOR MEN.

Very Flexible

The fabric lays base of what is to be orchestrated for the client. Each strand of fabric is carefully administered and proper suggestion of clothing fabric is provided to the client in accordance of his need. Suits with various configurations of fabric such as 110’s, 120’s going up to 180’s and supers are laid out for the client for him to choose. And the need of the client is then accustomed into the finest possible apparel. Each raw material starting from the strand of fabric up to finishing touches is in harmony with what is desired by the client. Figuratively we offer our customers with an insurmountable choices of fabric ranging from cottons, synthetics, linens , wool ,silk , and cashmere .Numerous measurements are taken to make sure that fitting and comfort to the client.

Fully Responsible

We at SrS ensure to adhere the highest workmanship standards with our quality of goods and services. An excellent team of experienced tailors working with and for us for last 30 years guarantee the standards of the goods delivered. Five decades of craftsmanship has provided us with the knowledge of fabric taste of the society with the passing fashion and trends and most importantly the custom tailoring. Unlike the readymade stuff we understand the differentiation of suits i.e.

Business Attire, Sporting Jackets and Wedding Suits and all.

Who We Are? Meet Our Team!

We listen, we discuss, we advise and stitch. We love to learn and use the latest technologies to serve our esteemed customers.

Anil Kumar


Handling the flagship under his father he trained himself with the team of workers to get to the details. Interospecting every detail. with 35 Years of experience we presend BRAND SrS The Insignia SrS portrays a shield and waves in red and yellow, both have a story to tell. The shield signifies the sanctuary to your body and heart which ensures warmth. Moreover it endows you with confidence and aura of awesomeness. The wave corresponds to the smoothness of fabric on to you Red and yellow provides the vibrancy of colors in your life.

Manuj Chauhan

Principle Designer-Store Manager

Founded in 1964 under the aegis of
Mr. SitaRam with just one motto. 'Dressing the people in the most enigmatic and charismatic way’. He made a decision of entering the world of Bespoke tailoring after going through an extensive training and handwork. This decision gave him a rewarding experience with the customers throughout his career. Passing the baton to his sons and Manuj Has worked with the industry for a span of 10 years. Sartorial experience for new age tuxedos, bandgalas & Suits.

Mohd. Aftab

Head Cutter-Master

With only the knowledge of stitching. He comes from the background where stiching skills are passed on from generation to generation.



Best quality in stitching and Fabric is ensured at Sun Shine.



Only error percentage.we are the only one who accept the mistake and rectify the error.


Customer retention

We are able to retain our customers to the maximum extent.


Customer Satisfaction

We Satisfy our customer to the best.

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